Synergy – Masters Of Elements

SYNERGY – Masters Of Elements is a 2,5D Beat´em up where the player controls elements that can deal devestating side effects to the opponent. The player can use these effects, change the element mid battle and beat the opponent to win. The game is created by a 7-headed team from Games Academy Berlin, developed for PC with Unreal Engine. After the successful 2nd milestone, we had to cut away the element feature but gained more time to polish the core loop.

We wanted a positive and motivating soundtrack for the game. Even in the menu the player should get encouraged by the music. I decided for very melodic structures over an uplifting chord progression and an up-tempo beat. Because of the ancient japanese setting of the game, my goal was to combine modern electronic elements with ethnic japanese instruments like shamisen, koto and the shakuhachi (a japanese bamboo flute) as well as a pinch of orchestral sounds (some strings and a little bit of brass). For the little breeze of magic and mystery regarding the elemental magic system, there are a men choir and some bell sounds in the menu track to establish the right atmosphere from the very beginning.

For that project I had to create the whole set of SFX. So I designed punches, kicks, swooshes, and also some magic SFX for the fight scene. Actress Maria Stepanov lend her voice to our female protagonist. The referee voice over comes from actor Martin Lommatzsch.

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Production: Tom Achsel
Animation/Visual Effect: Marko Rudjic
Concept/Environment-Art: Marlon Epes
Character-Art: Jannik Neumann
Network-Programming: William Ratz
Game-Programming: Christian Wszolek
Interface/Game-Design: Franz Gutowski
Music/SFX: Jens J. Dewald
Character Voice: Maria Stepanov
Referee Voice: Martin Lommatzsch