10th Anniversary – Theater aToc e.V.

As 2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the amateur theatre society “aToc e.V.”, there are two productions that we would like to present this year. In addition to the group’s annual stage play, there will be two retrospective evenings with excerpts and stories of the past ten years. One of these scenes had been part of our play “Die Irrfahrten“ in 2012. On this occasion, I remastered a piece of music that we had used back then for a scene in which the actors had performed the battle of Troy on stage in a very comedic way.

While composing, my main focus was working with a large range of different orchestral percussion and ethno-percussion instruments. Short melodic motives can be found in the brass and strings with very little musical development so that there are no recognizable themes eventually, making it a rhapsody-like piece of music of aggressive and martial character.

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This year’s location for both productions of Theater aToc is Werk9.

Director Jonas Pietsch
Cast Anja Gimpel
Julia Pietsch
Mandy Pazzig
Tino Meisel
Stephan Kowalik
Lena Rosin
Kristina Kurtze
Marie Klein
Andreas Merkert
Olga Slavina
Alex Schmidt
Eveline Zimmermann
Dennis Thamm
Miriam Orphal
Björn Meisel
Violetta Riedel
Dominic Grünberger
Sabine Saeed
Anne Schenk
Jonas Pietsch
Music/SFX Jens J. Dewald
Technical director Christopher Rothkugel