Deportation Cast

The play Deportation Cast by Björn Bicker tells the story of a family that gets deported from Germany to Kosovo. Back there they are, being Romani, still threatened by poverty and discrimination. Elvira’s parents permanently argue, her older brother apparently eschews the family. Only her younger brother Egzon is always by her side. He hasn’t talked since he was four years old when Albanian militia burned down the family’s home. Nobody knows what he has been through.

On the other side, in Germany, Elvira’s boyfriend accuses his own father, who, as a pilot, is involved in several deportation flights.The only connection between both locations is the role of the traumatised and dumb Egzon, who functions as actor, narrator, observer and ghost at the same time. Only the audience can hear him.

The music aims at supporting the dark, uncertain and oppressive atmosphere of the production. Furthermore it helps to follow the structure of constant changes of perspective as the story takes place in Germany, Kosovo or on an meta level where people from administrative bodies comment on the process of deportation. The play focuses on the question of guilt. There are two pieces of music in different versions which are played when the scenery changes to one of the two countries.

The staging of Maximilian Hirsch is framed by two major set changes, which are brilliantly staged in a spectacular way: at the beginning the actors create borders on the stage to underline the separation of the different scenarios and people. The climax at the end of the play is the construction of a large coffin for the departed role of Egzon. In both cases, there are quotations of politicians, comedians and other prominent personnages in the middle of the composition. These partly provocative and polarizing voice-overs comment from different perspectives on the topic of refugees and deportation.

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Script: Björn Bicker
Cast: Ronja Klatt
Dennis Ortmann
Lorella Lubsch
Martin Lommatzsch
Director: Maximilian Hirsch
Co-director: Joseph Dekdouk
Composition/Sound: Jens J. Dewald
Technical director: Holger Duhn